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Making the "I Blame You" album at Tarquin Studios. Peter Katis, Michael Shelley, Dennis Diken, John Lee.

Peter Katis, Michael Shelley, Dennis Diken, John Lee

Here's a few more photos takes at Tarquin Studios, during the making of "I Blame You"

Michael & Dennis on the couch John Lee is the bass player Please Peter Katis at the helm ...don't squeeze... ...the CHARMIN!!!

Taping "The Beatroom" TV show in Glasgow. (l-r) Francis McDonald(drums), Chris Geddes (keyboard), Michael Shelley (guitar), Stevie Jackson (bass) and unidentified sweaty cameraman.

Francis McDonald (drums), Chris Geddes (keyboard), Michael Shelley (guitar), Stevie Jackson (bass)

Cheeky Monkey takes a break on the Spring 2000 tour of Spain. (L-R) Michael Shelley (with mixed tapas), Mark Scrufari (with Pulpo), Francis Madonald (with Torta Espanol).

Cheeky Monkey on tour in Spain

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach enjoys a copy of Half Empty.

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach & Michael Shelley's 'Half Empty'

Konichiwa! Michael and the boys yuck it up backstage in Cleveland with headlining Japanese pop legends Shonen Knife. Left to right: Michie Nakatani, Dave Green (drums), Naoko Yamano, Mike Randle (bass), Michael, Atsuko Yamano.

Shonen Knife & The Michael Shelley Band backstage

In Chicago outside The Double Door: Jay Sherman-Godfrey (guitar), Dave Green, Michael Shelley, Mike Randle. (Somebody buy that club some "H"s !)

Michael Shelley Band outside The Double Door, Chicago

Atsuko watches knowingly as Michie hustles Mike Randle out of his meal money in Detroit Rock City.

Michie from Shonen Knife hustles Mike Randle of Baby Lemonade at pool

Outside the Bluebird Theater in Denver Co. with Jordan, the superfan, who made her own T-shirt!

Michael Shelley Band & Jordan outside the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado

Eating meat & deep fried corn at Clark's in Tioga, Texas. That's fearless road manager Scott Taylor on the right.

Michael Shelley Band at Clark's in Tioga, Texas

Artsy fartsy shot, taken on a day off, of Dave and Mike on the public bus in Portland Oregon on the way to see Cheap Trick at an outdoor show (which was only $2.00!, and was great).

Dave Green and Mike Randle of Baby Lemonade on the bus